Three Things You Can Do About Luck

Luck can change for the better or for the worse at any moment. You can’t control Luck – because by our definition Luck is the sum total of all things that you cannot control, but there are three things you can do about your Luck.

First, you can admit that Luck has had a big impact on your past and that Luck will surprise you many times in the future.

Secondly, you clottery winner resizedan prepare yourself to take advantage of any unexpected piece of good Luck that pops up. You must constantly survey the World around you for a new opportunity to advance you toward your goals. Then, when an opportunity appears, you must be ready to pounce on it like a cat when the mouse sticks its nose out of its hole. Unexpected opportunities happen – need we say? – when you don’t expect them. And, they usually disappear as quickly as they appeared. Hesitation, fear of failure, timidity, and indecision kill good Luck. Do not feel them. You must strike while the iron is red-hot because you can’t beat cold iron into a new shape. When good Luck comes into your life, you have an opportunity to re-shape your World.
Be ready to take advantage of it or regret your indecision forever.

Thirdlyprepare yourself for bad Luck, which will surely occur many times. Can you seriously believe that bad Luck will never come into your life? You know that economic events will affect you. crying bride resizedOr your health will. Or the health of someone else will. Or the traffic patterns on the freeway will. Bad Luck can take any possible form at any time. You can’t predict exactly what form it will take or exactly when it will happen – but it you can predict that it will happen sometime. You can try to anticipate the most probable forms it might take. If you live near a large river, you should think about how you will handle the inevitable flood. If you live in Miami, you can plan for a hurricane. If economic times are bad, think about what you would do if you are laid off. Always drive defensively because someone – sooner or later, today or tomorrow – will try to collide with you. If you use a computer, back up your data. 

This does not mean that you should wake up every morning dreading the possibility of bad Luck. How would feeling dreadful be useful, pleasant, or profitable? It is best not to feel that way. All you can do aWheel of Fortunebout unpredictable events is to make yourself mentally and emotionally strong. Maximize your ability to cope with difficult situations and unpleasant choices. No matter what form bad Luck takes in your life, it will probably compel you to make some choices. If a shark bites off your right hand while you’re surfing, you can become a teary-eyed whiner or you can learn to do things left-handed. If your wife dies young in an auto accident, you can mourn for the rest of your life about the future that died with her – or you can build a happy life for yourself without her. If you lose your job and are forced into bankruptcy, you can spend an endless amount of time thinking about what life would have been like if it had all not happened to you – or you can find another job and start over. If you lose your vision, you can manipulate your family and friends into feeling sorry for you – or you can adjust and adapt to your sightless World. If you are a famous actor or singer, you can think about what you will do when the public loses interest in you. If you are a college athlete, you can plan on what you will do if the pros don’t pick you up. 

None of these things is easy to do. That is why you should build yourself into a strong person, capable of coping with bad luck – even disaster – by rebounding, recovering, and rebuilding your life. Disastrous bad Luck will take a serious emotional toll on you and the people who depend on you. You may have to choose between bad and worse – but bad is still better than worse, and you need the strength to choose it. It is usually best if you respond to a bad turn of events quickly. 



On Luck:

Luck is the shuffle of the cards.  Luck is bird shit in your hair.

Luck is the Lotto machine picking the numbers that you have been playing every week for five years making you a millionaire.

Luck is the Lotto machine picking your numbers on the only day in five years that you forgot to buy your ticket.

Luck is inadvertently running a stop sign at sixty miles per hour
when there is no cop around to write you a citation.

Luck is inadvertently running a stop sign at sixty miles per hour
hitting a school bus filled with fourth-graders broadside

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