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Machiavellianism has acquired an undeserved bad reputation in recent centuries. It has become synonymous with lying, cheating, stealing, defrauding, and murdering. It is true that Machiavelli did discuss these harsh tactics, among many other, less abrasive ones.

In his superb book, The Prince, he told us that he had known Popes, kings, queens, generals, and many other powerful and prestigious people. All of them, he observed, resorted to unsavory methods at one time or another to attain their lofty positions and stay in them.

He described the many methods for attaining our life's goals. He did not, however, describe what those goals should be. We must decide for ourselves what our goals in life are to be, he assured us. Machiavelli simply advised us on how to accomplish those goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you want to be an elementary school teacher, a corporate CEO, a good mother, a humble parish priest, or a comfortable retiree, you need to have a plan for achieving your ambitions. Selecting your goals is your strategy. The methods by which you achieve your self-selected goals are your tactics. Machiavelli described many tactics.

During our séances, Machiavelli told me that, while alive, he knew nothing about the scientific discoveries that would come into existence in the 500 years after his death. From the afterlife, he had followed the advances in knowledge and updated his teachings to include them. He whispered his provocative new teachings into my mind as I eagerly took notes on my laptop.

The results of our communications are now in my new book This is a small book and an easy read. The ideas presented here are self-evident once you have considered them.


You only get one ride on Life’s Carousel. One day your life will, unfortunately, end. On your deathbed, you do not want to look back on a life of wasted moments and unexplored possibilities. No matter how old you are or how long you expect to live, there is not a moment to waste. The purposes and meaning of life are in the living of it, moment by moment.



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Machiavelli told us how to get things done, not what things should be done. You can live your life – if you wish – in a totally unselfish manner. You can devote your life to the service of some cause that you consider to be noble. There is no reason that noble causes can-not be promoted using the tactics and principles of this book. The nobler the cause, the more reason you have to use this advice in its service.